Ecoferia Project

18. Oktober 2011

As part of the Ecoferia project I was involved in marketing and communication. One of my main tasks was to develop informational materials, relying on my nutrition background and the fact that I had done this kind of work before. Additionally, I also gave some conferences in educational institutions with students, parents and teachers, who showed a genuine interest in the topics making it a very nice experience.

Ecoferia stand in a primary school


The view from the other side

11. Oktober 2011

I arrived at Cochabamba one Wednesday night and I couldn´t see much of the city on our way home (with Katharina Kochhanns that works in the Ecoferia project, she agreed to have me and share her place with me during my stay). The next day when I stepped out of the house I didn´t imagine I would find this huge “cordillera” when looking back in the street. I was so amazed about it, and still am, every time I look at it from every point in the city, that, by the way, is also very useful if you are used to getting lost very easily, like me.